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Monday, March 21, 2016

Introducing…The Bump-Buster Gold!

 It's Here.....The "Bump-Buster Gold"

The next generation of recoil reduction systems by Speedbump Stockworks. This is the compression buttplate against which all others will be judged. It incorporates two major design changes over the original Bump-Buster design.
The first change is the new proprietary design hydraulic cylinder made for us by KyntecTM. It is smoother, more efficient, and has a greater range of adjustability than the original. It has been designed specifically for use in reducing recoil rather than being an off the shelf industrial cylinder.
The second change is in the method of attachment of the rear of the system to the hydraulic cylinder. This will eliminate incorrect assembly which leads to the improper function of the system. 

It will be available in both shotgun and rifle models starting March 21st, 2016. Retrofit kits will also be available if you wish to upgrade your original Bump-Buster system to the new "Gold."
The price for the new "Bump-Buster Gold" is $525 installed with a new Kickeez pad of your choice. The retrofit kit is $200 and must be installed by Speedbump Stockworks. All parts are made only in America!!

We are very excited about this new technological advancement in shooting comfort!
Click here to watch Ken assemble the Bump-Buster Gold correctly
Available ONLY from Speedbump Stockworks!

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