Speedbump Stockworks offers a lifetime warranty to the original owner of the Bump-Buster or Auto-Buster system. Please read the instructions that accompany your system or watch our video on YouTube for help.

If your system develops a problem, please contact us to arrange for a replacement or repair of your system. This warranty covers defects in material or workmanship only. Customer misuse or abuse of the system will be repaired at the customer's expense.

**Please note: This warranty is VOID if someone other than Speedbump Stockworks tries to repair your system.**

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Shooting USA video

Ken Rucker's Bump-Buster(TM) 
Hydraulic Recoil Reduction System

Ken Rucker 903-815-6535
"It's fabulous, just fabulous...it's such a joy to shoot guns that fit!!!" 
                                                                                               Don Sevier, Texas
"Thanks, Ken.  Excellent work. All the accolades on the internet are well deserved!"
                                                             W.T. Giles, DO  Fort Worth, TX 
"Your work is incredible. I am extremely happy with the way the stock turned out. On top of that, you shipped it to me before I ever sent you a dime. If only there were more people out there as trusting as you are. I can't thank you enough."              A. Spinella, Wayne, N. J.
"Just wanted to let you know that I went to the Blue Bonnet Tournament in Waxahachie last weekend and thanks to your fine craftsmanship, shot better than I ever have before.  I took 1st in the 12 and 28 gauge, 3rd in the 20 and 4th in the .410 in my class.  The fit of my shotgun was great.  No readjusting after I mounted the gun and it lined me up perfectly for the shots.  I shot my first straights ever (one in the 12 and another in the 28) in a tournament.  Thank you for the work, the great equipment and for your expert fit on my gun.  Couldn't have done it without you!!"
                                                               Jerry England, Texas

Send your stock to our shop:
5931 Roft Rd
San Antonio, TX 78253
Attn: Speedbump Stockworks
Vendor Bldg #22

Shop Hours: 
Monday - Friday
 By Appointment Only

*For prices, please click on the
Speedbump logo on the
right side of this page*
 Click HERE to watch Ken show
 you how to assemble your 
Bump-Buster correctly

New from Kickeez...the Patriot Pad

Brand new from the makers of Kickeez pads.....Introducing the Patriot Pad, created to honor our veterans for ALL they've done to protect and preserve the freedom of every citizen of the USA!
The new Patriot pad with a Red, White, and Blue
How about on your Beretta A-400?

Monday, December 22, 2014

Going to Africa? Take our Bump-Buster along to tame the recoil!!


I wanted to send you pictures of our recent hunt in Zimbabwe and South Africa.  You had installed a Bump-Buster on my .416 Rem and it worked flawlessly!  As you can see, we had a very successful hunt and look forward to going again.  It is nice to have a powerful rifle and not worry about recoil.

Thanks again!

D Sevier
Dallas, TX

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Look Where Our Bump-Buster is Now!!

Speedbump Stockworks and Blaser USA have teamed up to produce this fantastic new Ladies F3 shotgun. It comes with our powder coated Bump-Buster with a pad adjuster and adjustable length of pull. The length of pull is adjustable from 13 1/2" to 14 5/8". Also included in this package is our 4 way adjustable comb.

 Update...Blaser USA and Speedbump Stockworks Youth Model F3 is available NOW!! 
The first ones have been sold!!
The Blaser F3 Youth shotgun comes in
two starting lengths - 13 1/2" and 14 1/4".
Both have our black powder coated 
Bump-Buster with an adjustable LOP 
and pad adjuster. They both also have 
our 4 way adjustable comb.

Contact Blaser USA for dealer information.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Ken Rucker's AUTO-BUSTER (tm) is here for your Semi-Auto Shotgun!!

Ken Rucker's Auto-Buster(TM) is available now for installation in most* auto-loaders. For junior shooters, ladies, and anyone who simply wants to reduce the recoil for shooting semi-autos in competition and in practice, this is the ONLY recoil reduction system you'll ever need. Comes complete with pad adjuster, installed with a Kickeez recoil pad and medium springs.

Get yours from Speedbump Stockworks!!

5931 Roft Rd
San Antonio, TX 78253
Attn: Speedbump Stockworks
Vendor Bldg #22
Black Powder-coated Auto-Buster on a
Beretta 391
* Sorry, we cannot put an Auto-Buster on any 
Benelli with a synthetic stock or Browning Maxus.

Monday, April 2, 2012

KEN RUCKER'S Bump-Buster (TM)

Here it is, for all who have asked, a photo of a naked Bump-Buster!

Here's how it works:
My Bump-Buster is a spring over hydraulic system. The high-quality hydraulic cylinder slips into a friction spring for fully adjustable recoil reduction. This system reduces felt recoil by 40%, providing smooth shooting for everyone: novice, experienced, and competition shooters. It's available with a standard hydraulic cylinder for most shotguns, and a heavy-duty hydraulic cylinder for hunting shotguns and rifles. Length of pull is adjustable on both models. Both the standard and the heavy-duty Bump-Buster models are available with or without an adjustable buttplate.

"As for movement on your cheek, it isn't noticeable like a PFS stock. You don't feel it move. As for adjustments, I've never had to do anything. Ken has a winner when he came up with the Bump-Buster." HF

"I just got to try my new Bump-Buster yesterday.  I shot 200 Trap targets with loads from 7/8oz. all the way up to the Nitro Handicaps.  It was great! No flinching and the recoil was about like shooting my 28 ga. tube set.  I am usually pretty tired and beat up after 200 rounds, but I felt great with the Bump-Buster.  I could have shot all day, but I ran out of shells! Thanks for significantly improving the quality of my shooting experience."
Jim Timmons, Alaska, 2/14

Bump-Buster fully dressed!

Monday, March 19, 2012


Kickeez 201 Sporting Clays Pads
are now available in BLAZE ORANGE!!

 If you've wanted an orange Kickeez pad ever since
they stopped making them....here's your chance.

Now available from us in 
.7, .9, and 1.1 inch thicknesses.

Stop by the shop or send us your stock:

$40, shipped, for unground pad
$90 for a new pad without a stock cut
$125 for a new pad with a stock cut
(plus return shipping)
Speedbump Stockworks
5931 Roft Road 
Vendor Building #22
San Antonio, TX 78253
Ken ~ 903-815-6535
Carolyn ~ 903-209-5074 

   Now Available....

 Orange, Red,
and Basic Black!
 (sorry, Pink is no longer available)

Thinking of purple??
We have it!
Red pad on Ken's new Browning 725

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ken Rucker's "Old West-Buster" (tm)

Goatneck Clem, SASS World Champion, using my "Old-West Buster"(TM) System

Come on, Cowboys and Gals! It's not just for clay targets anymore... Get out your hat, boots, pistols, rifle, and SxS shotgun, and head for the nearest cowboy action match where you'll see Speedbump Stockworks special Cowboy Action Recoil Reduction System in use. It includes my Auto-Buster and a leather boot which makes it legal for all SASS Competition. Cowboy up!

Email me at: Speedbumpstockworks@gmail.com to get yours installed... or better yet - come see us at the shop in San Antonio!
For more information click the SASS logo
 to visit our Old West-Buster page

Ken Rucker aka "Gunstock Smith", SASS #85579
Carolyn Rucker aka "Miss Cubbie", SASS #84627

For those SASS shooters that also shoot 
Wild Bunch, here's a picture of Miss Cubbie's 
Model 12 with the Old West-Buster installed.

Tame the "kick" to a gentle "push" and pick 
up precious seconds for a faster time!!

**Miss Cubbie's Model 12 was "slicked up" by Pecos Clyde.
Please visit his page here to schedule yours!**

Friday, April 29, 2011

Jack West "Pro-Combo" Stock Set for 12 ga.

Click HERE to watch Ken
assemble a "Pro-Combo" stock set
New Product !!    
Attention 12 gauge Remington 870, 1100, and 11-87 owners...
It's the Jack West adjustable stock with Ken Rucker's Auto-Buster(TM) Recoil Reduction System, and a Limbsaver  recoil pad with a 141/2" * length of pull.
This system is on the
Remington Synthetic Competition 1100 
The comb is adjustable, the pad plate is adjustable, 
and the amount of recoil reduction is adjustable.  
No Gun-Smithing Needed!!
Instructions and all parts and tools included.
This stock comes in Carbon Graphite finish or Matte Black.

Your cost for the "Pro-Combo" 
set complete with fore end
(plus shipping and tax, if applicable)

"Consider carefully before buying one of these stocks. Due to the lack of felt recoil, you will consume shells at an unprecedented rate. You may be seen looking in the trunk and under the car seat for more shells because of a lack of recoil fatigue. You'll want to spend more time at the range because the accumulated effects of recoil no longer camp out in your shell bag. 
They may look all nice and cute, but they ain't no cheap date. Kinda like buying a horse--once you pay for it, you really start spending money! In all seriousness, I've got RA and recoil has been a very real issue in my shooting for the last few years. At one time, 75 rounds was about all I could handle. Gave up on the over under, went back to the 391 and I could do 150-175. Switched from a 391 to the Remington 1100 Competition and could handle 200-250 an afternoon, with maybe a few side effects the next day.
Put the Pro-Combo on the 1100 and I shoot until I run out of shells. Don't have sense enough to leave some at home. 350 in a couple hours and, while I may be getting a little tired from the gun weight, recoil still isn't an issue with 7/8's or 1 oz. loads. That may not sound like much for some of you real men out there, but given where I was, I think I've died and gone to heaven.
P.S. Anybody know where I can buy reloading supplies cheap?"                        
 Dave Holmes, 
    Contributing Gun Test Writer for TrapShootingUSA/ClayShootingUSA
To get yours on it's way to you....
Call Carolyn at 903-209-5074
send your order to:

 **Please note that we DO NOT ship to addresses outside the U.S.**

*other LOP's available at additional cost. Please note: The Auto-Buster is NOT LOP adjustable. LOP can be adjusted by using different pads and/or spacers, but it cannot have an LOP shorter than 14".

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

For Those Young Shooters.... We Can Make Your Gun Fit You!

 Have a short length of pull? We can help!

Take a look at this 20 gauge Citori with a 
Micro Midas stock.... it has a 12" 
length of pull with the Bump-Buster
 AND our adjustable comb! 

Ken Rucker's Bump-Buster(TM) will take care of the recoil and will grow with you! The Bump-Buster has a length of pull adjustment that will lengthen the stock another 1 1/8". It can also come with a pad adjuster, as shown, so you can drop and twist the pad.

Here's a new Browning 725 with a 13 inch LOP. 
It has our comb and Bump-Buster with a pink Kickeez pad.

**Please be aware that not all stocks 
can be made this short....especially if it 
already has an adjustable comb cut 
into the stock or if it is a 
field/sporting stock.**

Monday, January 3, 2011

458 LOTT - I'm a believer!!!

"Several months ago I brought over my 458 LOTT in the Ruger Safari Mag for you to try to tame down a bit. I had some problems with a shoulder blade/arm being held up by cables and titanium bar and the kick was something I could no longer put up with. I didn't get right back in touch with you because I wanted to be sure I had given the rifle a pretty good test before I committed myself to saying it was great or that it might not be what it was hyped up to be.
I put several full bore rounds of 500 gr 458's through this every day now getting ready for an Africa trip in September of this year. The rounds chrono at just under 2200 fps which is cooking pretty good for a big bore like this one. The last 8 shots I have fired off-hand, with no sticks or rest of any kind have all been in an 8" pie plate at a marked 75 yards. The muzzle of the rifle only rises a fraction of what it did before installing the Bump-Buster and I can fire two shots in much less time than before.

What made the difference in my accuracy is that before the installation I had to grip the front forend with a deathgrip because I knew the barrel was going to jump straight up in the air for quite a ways. Now I can just about rest the forearm in the palm of my hand similar to the way our Olympic shooters fire a round and the barrel doesn't jump out of my hand. For someone with the extensive damage I have to my back/shoulder blade/neck area, this was the perfect answer to the problem of a rifle that kicked like a mule. Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the system. I have film of how little the barrel rises now and watching it amazes me. Thanks!"   

Steve Hollingshead  Seguin, TX

Adjustable Comb on my Blaser

Here's an adjustable comb and Bump-Buster 
on my own Blaser F3

Stop by the shop and try it out!

Ken Rucker  903-815-6535

Speedbump Stockworks
5931 Roft Road, Bldg. #22
San Antonio, Texas 78253

**Please note: We will no longer cut a comb on any Beretta Semi-Automatic or Beretta 686, 687, no exceptions!! We also no longer offer replacement comb hardware on any Beretta.**

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Pad Adjustments Made Easy!!

Ken Rucker's through-the-pad adjuster lets you adjust your pad up, down, left, right and cant.... all without removing your recoil pad!

Here's our pad adjuster on a Guerini. It shows the optional powder coating... gold/black. We have many color options available. Give us a call and let us customize your gun!

"I very much appreciate your willingness, and extra effort, to get this turned around for me. The work that comes out of your shop is fabulous, and the service is even better. Thanks to both of you for taking such good care of me, and my guns. I will continue to refer anyone looking for truly professional work to you."
                     Thomas Clark, Aurora, IL

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Jack West Stocks at Speedbump Stockworks

Carbon Fiber, Black, Digital Camo, and
Pink Camo

Now available at Speedbump Stockworks!!!

I am now a dealer for the excellent Jack West molded stocks for Remington 1100, 1187 and 870 model shotguns. Stocks and matching fore ends are available in Carbon Fiber or Flat Black finish and can be furnished to you as they come from the manufacturer with the stock recoil pad, for a 14" LOP  or.....

They can be modified to any configuration you desire, including your specific LOP requirements, Kickeez recoil pads, pad adjusters, LOP buttplates and Ken Rucker's Auto-Buster (TM) Dual-Spring Recoil Reduction System.

$200 Black Composite, $220 Carbon Fiber
(Sorry, the Digital Camo and Pink Camo are no longer available)

Call us and let's get you set up with your new Jack West stock!
Ken - 903-815-6535
Carolyn - 903-209-5074

Email your order to: SpeedbumpStockworks@gmail.com

Add Ken Rucker's Auto-Buster(tm)
to your Jack West stock!
"In my career of working with gunstocks and shooting, I've used nearly every recoil system available. Ken Rucker's Bump-Buster(TM) on my BT99 is the best system I've ever used."  Jack West 

"I received the stock this afternoon and couldn't be more pleased.
It is now a perfect fit for me....
I hope to get to the skeet fields soon and give it a workout.
Thanks for all your help...... made my day today!"
D. Volz, Woodstock Valley, CT

Monday, December 6, 2010

Bump-Buster on an F Class Benchrest Rifle

 We have been discovered by the 
Benchrest shooting crowd!

This is one of several F Class rifles 
that have been custom fitted with 
Ken Rucker's Bump-Buster(TM).

Call Ken at 903-815-6535 and have a chat with him 
about adding one to your rifle....you'll be glad you did!

Speedbump Stockworks
5931 Roft Road
Vendor Building #22
San Antonio, TX 78253

For you Seahawks fans!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Customize Your Gun!!

Make yours gold to match your receiver

How about brown and black? Can you say disappear?
Send your stock to us to get 
your own custom recoil system:

Speedbump Stockworks
5931 Roft Road 
Vendor Building #22
San Antonio, TX 78253



Ken Rucker's Bump-Buster(TM) Hydraulic Recoil Reduction System and Ken Rucker's Auto-Buster(TM) Dual-Spring Recoil Reduction System are both 100% American manufactured and installed. No foreign parts or labor are used. 

"I'm amazed at the craftsmanship of the work you
 did on my Golden Clays! Thank you so much!"
~ Kevin Dunlap,  Wayne, NJ

Here's a Patriotic Bump-Buster for you...

The votes are in - EVERYBODY LOVES the red, white and blue powder-coated Bump-Buster(TM) hydraulic recoil system! It's true, folks...we're the first in the county, heck, in the WORLD to powder-coat these metallic surfaces in your choice of colors. Turns out, most of us like these colors pretty well. Call me for a quote on installing a powder-coated Bump-Buster on your particular gunstock. You might want to hurry.....
Oh, you'll need to know that there are two different Bump-Buster models. The one shown has a fully-adjustable recoil pad. The other model does not have this feature. Both models are adjustable for recoil tension and length of pull. The model shown here in 3-color powder coating is $575 installed. The same model in polished aluminum (no powder coating) is $475 installed. The basic model mentioned above is $410 for polished aluminum and $485 with optional powder coating.

Ken Rucker
My Shop Address:
5931 Roft Rd
San Antonio, TX 78253
Attn: Speedbump Stockworks
Vendor Bldg #22

Adjustable Combs

Here's an example of one of my adjustable combs done for Ljutic Industries. 

Call us to see what we can do for your gun!
"A few years ago I had Ken work on my stock. After looking at the work, I immediately said I'd never let anyone touch my stocks as long as Ken is available. He has put a few adjustable combs and recoil reducers on my stocks since then that look better than factory new. If you go elsewhere you're taking a big chance!" GB
"I have used Ken both personally and for the club. He is the best around this area. Quality work, reasonable price, dependable delivery, and fair BS (for a trap shooter)." RW
"It sounds as if we're all members of the same choir, but I had Ken install his Bump-Buster system on my Beretta about six weeks ago. It works terrific and the wood-to-metal fit is second to none. There may be others who are good, but I heartily recommend Ken." CH

**Please note: We will no longer cut a comb on any 
Beretta Semi-Automatic, no exceptions! We also no longer offer 
replacement comb hardware for existing Beretta combs.**

Can't Miss This Auto-Buster

Wondering if your Auto-Buster can be powder-coated? Sure! Check out this black and gold Auto-Buster on a black and gold metal-flake 391 stock with gold receiver. Sharp!


If you shoot gas operated auto-loaders, your life is fixin' to change!
Ken Rucker's Auto-Buster(TM) Recoil Reduction System has arrived!

Check out this Auto-Buster on a Jack West stock.

"I love it! It's absolutely flawless!!!"DC

Email Ken@SpeedbumpStockworks.com for specs, pricing and installation schedule.