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Monday, April 2, 2012

KEN RUCKER'S Bump-Buster (TM)

Here it is, for all who have asked, a photo of a naked Bump-Buster!

Here's how it works:
My Bump-Buster is a spring over hydraulic system. The high-quality hydraulic cylinder slips into a friction spring for fully adjustable recoil reduction. This system reduces felt recoil by 40%, providing smooth shooting for everyone: novice, experienced, and competition shooters. It's available with a standard hydraulic cylinder for most shotguns, and a heavy-duty hydraulic cylinder for hunting shotguns and rifles. Length of pull is adjustable on both models. Both the standard and the heavy-duty Bump-Buster models are available with or without an adjustable buttplate.

"As for movement on your cheek, it isn't noticeable like a PFS stock. You don't feel it move. As for adjustments, I've never had to do anything. Ken has a winner when he came up with the Bump-Buster." HF

"I just got to try my new Bump-Buster yesterday.  I shot 200 Trap targets with loads from 7/8oz. all the way up to the Nitro Handicaps.  It was great! No flinching and the recoil was about like shooting my 28 ga. tube set.  I am usually pretty tired and beat up after 200 rounds, but I felt great with the Bump-Buster.  I could have shot all day, but I ran out of shells! Thanks for significantly improving the quality of my shooting experience."
Jim Timmons, Alaska, 2/14

Bump-Buster fully dressed!