Speedbump Stockworks offers a lifetime warranty to the original owner of the Bump-Buster or Auto-Buster system. Please read the instructions that accompany your system or watch our video on YouTube for help.

If your system develops a problem, please contact us to arrange for a replacement or repair of your system. This warranty covers defects in material or workmanship only. Customer misuse or abuse of the system will be repaired at the customer's expense.

**Please note: This warranty is VOID if someone other than Speedbump Stockworks tries to repair your system.**

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

News! News! News!

 As of March 10, 2018 our shop in San Antonio will no longer be accepting any new work. We are TEMPORARILY closing so that we can finish and return any work we have and then pack up the shop and our home for our move to north Texas, near Weatherford. We hope to be able to reopen for business by mid August.
Thank you for your patience while we undertake this important move. Our phone numbers and website will remain the same for any questions you may have.

Thanks!  Ken and Carolyn Rucker