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Friday, April 29, 2011

Jack West "Pro-Combo" Stock Set for 12 ga.

Click HERE to watch Ken
assemble a "Pro-Combo" stock set
New Product !!    
Attention 12 gauge Remington 870, 1100, and 11-87 owners...
It's the Jack West adjustable stock with Ken Rucker's Auto-Buster(TM) Recoil Reduction System, and a Limbsaver  recoil pad with a 141/2" * length of pull.
This system is on the
Remington Synthetic Competition 1100 
The comb is adjustable, the pad plate is adjustable, 
and the amount of recoil reduction is adjustable.  
No Gun-Smithing Needed!!
Instructions and all parts and tools included.
This stock comes in Carbon Graphite finish or Matte Black.

Your cost for the "Pro-Combo" 
set complete with fore end
(plus shipping and tax, if applicable)

"Consider carefully before buying one of these stocks. Due to the lack of felt recoil, you will consume shells at an unprecedented rate. You may be seen looking in the trunk and under the car seat for more shells because of a lack of recoil fatigue. You'll want to spend more time at the range because the accumulated effects of recoil no longer camp out in your shell bag. 
They may look all nice and cute, but they ain't no cheap date. Kinda like buying a horse--once you pay for it, you really start spending money! In all seriousness, I've got RA and recoil has been a very real issue in my shooting for the last few years. At one time, 75 rounds was about all I could handle. Gave up on the over under, went back to the 391 and I could do 150-175. Switched from a 391 to the Remington 1100 Competition and could handle 200-250 an afternoon, with maybe a few side effects the next day.
Put the Pro-Combo on the 1100 and I shoot until I run out of shells. Don't have sense enough to leave some at home. 350 in a couple hours and, while I may be getting a little tired from the gun weight, recoil still isn't an issue with 7/8's or 1 oz. loads. That may not sound like much for some of you real men out there, but given where I was, I think I've died and gone to heaven.
P.S. Anybody know where I can buy reloading supplies cheap?"                        
 Dave Holmes, 
    Contributing Gun Test Writer for TrapShootingUSA/ClayShootingUSA
To get yours on it's way to you....
Call Carolyn at 903-209-5074
 **Please note that we DO NOT ship to addresses outside the U.S.**

*other LOP's available at additional cost. Please note: The Auto-Buster is NOT LOP adjustable. LOP can be adjusted by using different pads and/or spacers, but it cannot have an LOP shorter than 14".