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Monday, September 2, 2013

Ken Rucker's AUTO-BUSTER (tm) is here for your Semi-Auto Shotgun!!

Ken Rucker's Auto-Buster(TM) is available now for installation in most* auto-loaders. For junior shooters, ladies, and anyone who simply wants to reduce the recoil for shooting semi-autos in competition and in practice, this is the ONLY recoil reduction system you'll ever need. Comes complete with pad adjuster, installed with a Kickeez recoil pad and medium springs.

Get yours from Speedbump Stockworks!!

Please call for shipping address:

Black Powder-coated Auto-Buster on a
Beretta 391
* Sorry, we cannot put an Auto-Buster on any 
Benelli with a synthetic stock or Browning Maxus.