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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ken Rucker's "Old West-Buster" (tm)

Goatneck Clem, SASS World Champion, using my "Old-West Buster"(TM) System

Come on, Cowboys and Gals! It's not just for clay targets anymore... Get out your hat, boots, pistols, rifle, and SxS shotgun, and head for the nearest cowboy action match where you'll see Speedbump Stockworks special Cowboy Action Recoil Reduction System in use. It includes my Auto-Buster and a leather boot which makes it legal for all SASS Competition. Cowboy up!

For more information click the SASS logo
 to visit our Old West-Buster page

Ken Rucker aka "Gunstock Smith", SASS #85579
Carolyn Rucker aka "Miss Cubbie", SASS #84627

For those SASS shooters that also shoot 
Wild Bunch, here's a picture of Miss Cubbie's 
Model 12 with the Old West-Buster installed.

Tame the "kick" to a gentle "push" and pick 
up precious seconds for a faster time!!

**Miss Cubbie's Model 12 was "slicked up" by Pecos Clyde.
Please visit his page here to schedule yours!**