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Monday, January 3, 2011

458 LOTT - I'm a believer!!!

"Several months ago I brought over my 458 LOTT in the Ruger Safari Mag for you to try to tame down a bit. I had some problems with a shoulder blade/arm being held up by cables and titanium bar and the kick was something I could no longer put up with. I didn't get right back in touch with you because I wanted to be sure I had given the rifle a pretty good test before I committed myself to saying it was great or that it might not be what it was hyped up to be.
I put several full bore rounds of 500 gr 458's through this every day now getting ready for an Africa trip in September of this year. The rounds chrono at just under 2200 fps which is cooking pretty good for a big bore like this one. The last 8 shots I have fired off-hand, with no sticks or rest of any kind have all been in an 8" pie plate at a marked 75 yards. The muzzle of the rifle only rises a fraction of what it did before installing the Bump-Buster and I can fire two shots in much less time than before.

What made the difference in my accuracy is that before the installation I had to grip the front forend with a deathgrip because I knew the barrel was going to jump straight up in the air for quite a ways. Now I can just about rest the forearm in the palm of my hand similar to the way our Olympic shooters fire a round and the barrel doesn't jump out of my hand. For someone with the extensive damage I have to my back/shoulder blade/neck area, this was the perfect answer to the problem of a rifle that kicked like a mule. Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the system. I have film of how little the barrel rises now and watching it amazes me. Thanks!"   

Steve Hollingshead  Seguin, TX